Not Madonna’s Malawi

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We all read about Madonna’s “adoption” of a child from Malawi last month. It was probably the first time most have read about Malawi in the paper. Which just goes to show you the power of celebrity to sell news. In June you may have read my post about <a href=””>Brangelina selling toothpaste.</a>

Here’s a link to photos I did in <a href=””>Malawi in 2005 on malaria</a> as part of my multimedia work in progress ” Fever Zone.”

Here, Families of Yao fishermen live in small villages along the shores of Lake Malawi, a reagion that has one of the highest rates for malaria in the world. For residents here, an attack of malaria is as common as flu to a resident elsewhere.

For although we read almost daily about the scourge of AIDS in Africa it is also a fact that malaria kills an African child every 30 seconds. Almost 97% of Malawi’s population is at endemic risk for malaria. Children under five suffer on average 9.7 malaria episodes per year, while adults suffer 6.1 such episodes.

Families in Malawi can spend almost a quarter of their small annual income treating malaria. Malawi is one of the world’s poorest nations in the world with a 37 year old life expectancy at birth for women and 36 for men.


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